International Trip Planning

Upon receipt of your request, our flight specialists will arrange itineraries that are appropriate, efficient, and cost-effective for your trip. And most importantly we understand the possibilities of last minute changes. From Flight planning to obtaining difficult over flight and landing permits to coordinating customized ground handling services and hotel arrangements, it is our mission to provide you with unparalleled support in flight planning and operational services.

Our global experience, multilingual and multicultural team members enables us to provide a range of complete trip planning service such as but not limited to:

  • Global Ground Handling
  • Global Fuel
  • Global Over-Flight and Landing Permits
  • Global Catering
  • Crew Transportation
  • Hotel Accommodation
  • VISA arrangement


Global Ground Handling:

BALKAN AIR AVIATION is working in partnership with airport authorities, FBOs and handlers all over the world and offering top quality services with commitment to surpass our customers’ expectations. Our network of experts delivers a professional, personalized service nearly at any location. Schedules change quite often and that when having a good partner to rely on, who is flexible and quickly adaptive in most challenging situations, is always a necessity. BALKAN AIR AVIATION can guarantee that by choosing us you choose quality, outstanding, courteous with individual approach personnel, available at your service at any moment.

Global Fuel:

We know money wise. Fuel cost represents the largest and most volatile condition of direct operating expense of a flight. We have developed over the years strong ties with leading providers of aviation fuel products. Our fuel department has negotiated exclusive prices in many locations worldwide. Due to our strong ties, we can offer our clients JET-A Fuel or AVGAS with competitive rates & Credit facility upon approval.

Global Over-Flight and Landing Permits:

We understand that permits are substantial for every flight and it is important to be issued on schedule. Any matter on any destination on your trip might affect your travel plans.

Our Traffic Rights department has got extensive knowledge and experience regarding worldwide operating policies and can therefore relieve our clients of the stress and time consumed in obtaining over-flight and landing permissions. Our multi-lingual team can assist you with inbound/outbound operations out of any country worldwide, quickly and efficiently.

Global Catering:

We believe that our crew or passengers will get the best quality food, carefully selected to meet all their preferences, leaving a sweet taste and lasting impression of the entire experience. Enjoy the trip longer!

Crew Transportation:

The wait is nearly over. In any location of our aircraft’s landing we provide comfort and reliable transportation for our crew and passengers, offering a variety of vehicles to choose from

Hotel Accommodation:

We put the pillow under your head. BALKAN AIR AVIATION partners with the best international hotel chains, as well with the top local hotels. Our goal is to offer to the crew and the passengers the best available options at the most favorable prices.

VISA arrangement:

We work in cooperation with local representatives and partners that can assist in obtaining the necessary visas to our crew and clients.