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Balkan Air Aviation is specialized in ACMI/Wet Leases, Emergency Sub-Charter flights or Subleases in case of AOG or aircraft shortage as well as Charter flights and Charter Programs. We are leading Wet Lease capacity provider with a proven track record in the market.
Balkan Air Aviation provides Airline-to-Airline capacity worldwide and has the capability and experience to meet any specific requirement.
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Balkan Air Aviation is cooperating with our airline since 2013. Due to their efforts and continuous negotiations, they assisted us with arranging ad-hoc wet lease contracts to support our activity.

CEO – European Airline
We would like to thank Mr.Matthias Poranske of Balkan Air Aviation for his untiring efforts and personal involvement to assist us with arranging three wet leased Airbus A320 aircraft to our winter schedule. Mr. Poranske assisted us from shortlisting the aircrafts to negotiating a competitive price. His continuous involvement for the duration of the contract was a great help in conducting our uninterrupted operations.

Manager Corporate Affairs – Pakistani Airline

We had the opportunity to work with Balkan Air Aviation for many years on Wet Lease projects. Their tenacity and continued coordination were significant contributing factors to our closing of the deals.

CEO – European Airline
Balkan Air Aviation arranged four Airbus A320 units for us om Wet Lease. Their great assistance tu us during contract negotiations resulted in a smooth induction of the wet leased aircraft into our operation. We strongly recommend their involvement in ACMI Wet Lease solutions

CCO – Airline from the Middle East
Matthias brings a wide spectrum of aviation experience and abilities to any project development.
He has an in-depth knowledge of the commercial airline industry and successfully specializes in marketing and sales for charters and ACMIs.
Matthias attention to detail and his ability to prioritize make him a very efficient project manager and leader.

Principal Lufthansa Consulting

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